Martin Backes

1977 born in Rosenheim, Germany
2010-2014 Media Art and Design Studies, UdK, Berlin, Germany
since 2014 Lectureship, SRH Hochschule (hdpk), Berlin, Germany
lives and works in Berlin, Germany

since 2014: Lectureship, SRH Hochschule (hdpk), Berlin, Germany
2010-2014: Media Art and Design Studies, UdK, Berlin, Germany
since 2009: Lectureship at the University of Applied Science (btk), Berlin, Germany
since 2009: Director at aconica – creative lab for sound + media, Berlin, Germany
2009: Master Programm Christina Kubisch, Artsummer 09 Schwaben, Germany
2009: founded aconica, agency for sound design + interactive media, Berlin, Germany
2008: worked as a Sound Designer for Native Instruments GmbH, Berlin, Germany
2006-08: Master of Arts „Sound Studies“, UdK, Berlin, Germany
2006: founded Studio Martin Backes, Berlin, Germany
2005: works as a freelance Sound Designer
2002-2003: worked as Radio DJ and Producer,, Berlin, Germany
since 2001: works as music producer, composer and sound engineer
since 1999: DJ, several residencies
1995-1998: worked as a brewer and maltster, Werneck, Germany
1977: born in Rosenheim, Germany

Copyright Image: Martin Backes, Berlin.